You'll Develop The Body of a Fighter By Training Like One

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The course will teach you how the pro's deliver knockout power with Muay Thai, then show you the simple steps to take to do it yourself.


We'll train you at the edge of your ability, just like a fighter, so you'll automatically develop the conditioning and body of a fighter.  

Be Part of a Mastermind of Students To Keep You Motivated To Achieve Your Goals

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Our Training Program is intense and physically challenging because it's about producing real results.

Join a community of respect, support, and camaraderie will give you the motivation you need to get to the next level. 

This Course Replicates The Training Used By REAL Muay Thai Fighters to Be Ready For Battle

...It Will Burn Belly Fat Fast and Develop REAL Strength and REAL Health 

muay thai chester county kennett square unionville

 The high intensity of our Muay Thai program will build lean muscle and burn stubborn body fat. To get through life, you tame your aggression.


Here you'll be encouraged to release that primal side. Learn to channel that energy into getting ripped, focused, and deadly, like a fighter.


  • All the instruction you need to go from 'Novice' to a 'Skilled' Muay Thai Practitioner
  • A Community that will keep you motivated to achieve your Goals
  • No More Boring Fitness Club Workouts 
  • Develop the Strength and Fitness of a Fighter while getting Ripped!

Whatever your unique situation is, if you're serious about achieving your goals..

Protect Yourself and those you love.... regain the vitality you once had....get in the best shape of your life....or just really need an outlet to let go of stress after work....


The Mastermind Muay Thai Program will help you achieve that goal.

Our Community is made up of people on a mission to achieve their vision of life through taking massive action. This intensity and challenge isn't for everyone.

So I'm offering you everything you need to get started for FREE with our 'Warrior Foundations Course' ($100+ Value)

  • 1-on-1 Muay Thai Lesson w/ Head Instructor ($75 value)
  • 1-week 'Warrior - Foundations Course' ($35 value)
  • Small Class Sizes - Limited Spots Available


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The Origins of Muay Thai Kickboxing

Martial Arts West Grove Hockessin DelawareMuay Thai originated on the battlefields of Ancient Thailand. Today, Muay Thai is the #1 striking system used by top level pro fighters. It's notorius in the martial arts world for it's INSANELY devastating strikes.                       

Muay Thai evolved inside the ring of combat, not belts and promotions

Fitness - West Grove Hockessin Chadds Ford

Muay Thai fighters are the best conditioned athlete's, bar none. And it's not because they lift heavy weights, spend hours on boring cardio machines, or any of the other fitness gimmicks out there.

It's because the techniques tap into every ounce of power within strengthen your mind AND body.

With Great Power Comes Great Responsibility 

muay thai kennett square hockessin chadds ford delawareBesides physical and mental conditioning, Muay Thai is about respect and doing what's right. Unlike most MMA gyms, Muay Thai is not meant to be flaunted or used irresponsibly.

It's about self-enhancement and self-defense. Basically, it's about knowing you're a bad ass and when to use it...instead of having to show others that you're a bad ass to feel good.



  • Join A Community Taking Action on Achieving Their Goals
  • Learn Muay Thai - A System Trained By Top Level MMA Fighters
  • Engaging Classes That Will Challenge You To Become Your Best
  • Train among a Community of Motivated Individuals

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