3 Highly Effective Pieces of Muay Thai Training Equipment Commonly Overlooked

When it comes to Muay Thai training, if you aren’t adding consistent shadowboxing into your workout and critiquing yourself truthfully, then you’ll never get any better.Muay Thai - Using a Mirror

Shadowboxing is a staple of truly mastering the technical aspects of Muay Thai. And it makes sense, that before you can implement strikes properly on a bag or any other piece of equipment or human being, you need to actually be able to perform it properly without any other of these constraints. Here are some ways to really make your shadowboxing truly effective that are simple, cheap, and implementable TODAY!

Only Perfect Practice Leads to Improvements – So For God Sake’s Shadowbox in Front of a Mirror!

There’s nothing worse than doing something to get better at, only to realize that your training was wrong and was actually hurting you. Shadowbox in front of the mirror to make sure your body is moving exactly the way you want it. Is your chin coming up when you throw punches? Is your lead foot turning inward on your strikes? Is your shoulder protecting your chin during training? These are all things you can easily check in front of a mirror. Use the mirror when really honing in on specific parts of your Muay Thai technique to make the action completely unconscious.

Your Striking Combinations Mean Nothing If You Don’t Have a Reference – Draw a Centerline on the Floor

Training with a centerline is a must if you really want to use your Muay Thai techniques in combat and sparing. The centerline is the imaginary line between you and your opponent. By having this frame of reference, you can start to work angles in your striking, moving off the center and evading strikes. It doesn’t compare to a real opponent, but that’s exactly what you don’t want while your learning your footwork. Master your good Muay Thai footwork, moving around that centerline before trying out sparring otherwise it’ll just turn into a shitfest of two people slugging it out.

Make Your Muay Thai Shadowboxing Feel Real – Wear Your Gloves!

I feel naked without my gloves when I’m training Muay Thai. Something just doesn’t feel right without those 10 ounces on my arms, slightly weighing down my shoulders. I don’t know the science behind this, but I’m telling you, it’s different. The guard is different, the weight of the punches is different. Play around with both having the gloves on and off, especially if you intend to use your Muay Thai in the ring and with the gloves off for general self-defense.

That’s it! Use these simple, cheap but very vital pieces of equipment to your Muay Thai Training. Just because it’s cheap don’t mean it’s not effective! Remember, champions were built in Third World Country neighborhoods without fancy equipment.

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