Trek into Muay Thai, Thailand 2012

A recollection of my 2012 trek to Pattaya, Thailand for my first Muay Thai fight in the homeland of the art. 

Practicing, competing, and teaching Muay Thai Kickboxing for the past 8 years has been a passionate journey into fear, self-confidence, and growing stronger. Along the way I’ve had a few good teachers who poured their instruction, time, and love into developing me as a martial artist, fighter, and human being, for which I am forever grateful. Not everyone finds a mentor/coach/friend who is willing to help them along their journey in life. Such an honest bond between student and teacher is priceless in that it shapes the life of both student and teacher. The intent of this blog, is to share the wealth of information regarding martial arts instruction that I have accumulated over the years, and break it down as simply and easily as I possibly can. I have been teaching martial arts/Muay Thai for the past 4 years and have developed a certain style of teaching which resonates with people in the States. My desire is to help as many people as possible with the information I have. If you have any related questions (training Muay Thai, techniques, fight psychology, and travelling to Thailand), please contact me with them and I will include them into subsequent blogs.

Since this time, I’ve committed my life to Muay Thai and the journey into learning and self-discovery through the art. 

But before all that….click on the link below and check out some of my adventures in Thailand in the past…. a story about one man who had been told had no business in the ring, training hard to fight his way to victory. =)

Learning, Training and Fighting in Thailand in 2012

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