A Muay Thai Kick That Will Not Only Intimidate Opponents But Make You Look Like a Hollywood Bad-Ass

Muay Thai Kickboxing 101 – The Rear Teep

Muay Thai Kickboxing - Kennett Square Chadds Ford Hockessin DelawareYou’ve Seen It In the Movies.

And this week…we’re going to get you moving like a Hollywood superstar =). It’s the powerful rear teep (push kick).

It’s powerful…and it’s something that can be used to counter ANY strike that comes your way.

The Rear Teep – Muay Thai Kickboxing 101

  • Powerful Because It’s Loaded Up from the Back Leg
  • It’s Fast Because It’s Thrown Straight Down The Centerline
  • It can be used to Counter any Attack

Muay Thai Kickboxing 101 – The Lower Body Mechanics of the Rear Teep

Muay Thai Kickboxing 101 – The Upper Body Mechanics of the Rear Teep

Key Takeaways

  • The power comes from pushing the rear hip out…the rear hip joint should be in front of the lead hip joint when it’s thrown
  • The lead foot needs to secure flat on the ground so you don’t lose your balance…big toe of the lead foot pointed at the target.
  • The upper body and shoulders also torque into it to really make it a devastating blow
  • You can strike with the balls of the feet (added distance because the foot is pointed forward) or with the heel (if you want to do some serious damage)

Common Mistakes

  • Not torqueing the shoulders into it….remember, when you make contact..if they aren’t stable, you’ll be bleeding torque out of them instead of into the opponent
  • Turning the lead foot….it de-stabilizes the lead hip-joint..again..bleeding torque

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