About Your Free Class

Duration of Free Lesson: 1 Hour
Attire: Athletic Wear (i.e. – t-shirt and shorts) We will be moving around bare foot on the Mats
Where: 112 S Union Street (2nd Floor) – Next to Polished Nail Salon
Parking: Free Parking in the Back of the Building, Pull into the Alley.
When: Schedule your first class by entering your information in the box below or call 484-734-0476.

Your first free class is all about learning the strikes of Muay Thai. As your instructor for the hour…I want to show you how much you can learn with the right instruction under my system of teaching Muay Thai. Through my years of training, I’ve discovered secrets to shortcut the learning process for beginners which I reveal during the lesson….so they can pick up the art quickly…instead of fumble around with it for years like I did.

So by the end of the hour, you’ll have enough proficiency with the most basic Muay Thai strikes…experience putting the strikes together into combinations…..Ultimately, the goal is to allow you to experience what the training feels like to determine if our programs are what you’re looking for.

As I was training Muay Thai in my earlier years, individual 1 on 1 lesson within the USA cost me anywhere between $80 – $150 an hour, depending on the instructor. I paid for these lessons because these were the best way to truly accelerate learning and progress…through 1 on 1 instruction.

This first free 1 on 1 lesson is a great way to learn and experience Muay Thai training under the supervision of an experienced instructor…at no cost or obligation to you. So what are you waiting for? Enter your information in the box below to schedule your free 1 on 1 lesson today.

The structure of the first free class:

  1. Introductions of who I am and why I’m here teaching Muay Thai (5-10 minutes)
  2. Light Aerobic Warm-Up followed by stretches (5 minutes)
  3. The remainder of the class will be dedicated to teaching you the secrets of the art

If this is something that you’ve been considering for a while..this is a great opportunity to learn the art in a brief amount of time, with zero cost or obligation. Enter your name and email in the box below OR call the number above so we can schedule your first class.

To Schedule Your Free Class, Enter Your Information Below

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What should I expect in this first class?
The first class is a 1 on 1 session with me, the instructor. We’ll be training bare foot on the mats. Before getting into the lesson, we’ll go through a quick aerobic warm-up and stretches. Then I’ll teach you the secrets to art….where you’ll discover how simple it is to learn Muay Thai with the right instruction….and how powerfully effective the techniques can be in a self-defense situation.

From there we will test out your technique on the bag and then finish up with a few rounds of pads (which are used to simulate the rhythm and pace of a combat situation). If you’ve never experienced this before, it’s a great way to experience the feel of Muay Thai in combat without having to go into a full contact sparring match.
Just to be clear…During the class, we will be developing purely your techniques. There will be NO contact or sparring during this first lesson.

Do I need any prior experience in Kickboxing or Martial Arts to do this?
No prior experience is needed. The majority of my best students have started training with me with zero martial arts experience. In fact, it’s actually easier for students with no prior experience to learn the techniques since most people who have trained martial arts in the past come with habits of movement that don’t work well with Muay Thai.