Fatality in the Muay Thai Kickboxing Ring

Inside of the Muay Thai Kickboxing Ring, your opponent is out to put you down. It’s the job of the officials to stop the fight and protect the competitors from what happened here…

Earlier this year, on March 28th, inside of the Muay Thai Kickboxing ring Dennis Munson Jr. regrettably passed away during his 1st amateur fight. Regrettably, there was a ‘cascade of errors’ which had lead to his avoidable death, as he collapsed in the ring. I could rant about the errors in judgement made by the referees, the judges, the corner, but it’s probably more powerful if you see for yourself. (warning: it’s painful to watch)

Looking back at this and my own past experience, I have been in similar shoes as Dennis during my earlier years as a competitor in amateur kickboxing. Cutting weight the day of the fight is no easy task and to fighting afterward is dangerous as hell. The brain and body are dehydrated and for someone who is having his first fight, probably a bit too much to take in all at once don’t you think?

Cutting significant amounts of water weight right before a fight compromises the integrity of the fighter’s body even before he steps into the competition ring of Muay Thai Kickboxing. From the stresses of the fight, this can lead to permanent brain damage and even death if the match is not properly officiated.

I for one, was previously knocked down during a previous Muay Thai Kickboxing bout after I did a significant weight drop for the fight. The ref and doctor called the fight and I was pissed. As the fighter, I held a bit of a grudge against the refs for calling the fight. And you know what? That’s expected…but at the same time, that’s what the referee, judges, and doctor are there to do: protect the fighters, whether anyone likes it or not.

Worldwide, as dangerous as Muay Thai and martial arts appears to be, there have been a total of 12 deaths of kickboxers and MMA fighters since 2007. That means….there have been more people who have died from being crushed by a vending machine than from Muay Thai kickboxing and MMA. Idiocy such as what was demonstrated earlier this year fosters a negative image towards this sport which it has been trying to overcome. For all of you kickboxers out there and those aspiring to fight, worry not. This is an anomaly and not the norm. Fatalities within the Muay Thai Kickboxing ring are rare if the officiating is performed as it should. This disaster could have been avoided from a mile away. Shame on whoever was officiating the fight.

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