Getting Six Pack Abs Through Muay Thai Training

Want Six-Pack Abs? Muay Thai Training is the Ultimate Core Workout to Developing Your Own Set of Six-Pack Abs!Six-Pack Abdominals - Muay Thai Workout

New Year’s is right around the corner again. If you’re looking to finally develop those sexy six-pack abs, engaging in Muay Thai training is right for you. There’s no doubt that having a slim waistline is desirable no matter if you’re a man or a woman. Let’s first dispel the #1 myth that prevents people from achieving six-pack abs.

#1 Myth Preventing You from Having Six-pack Abs –  You can get Six-pack Abs by Doing a Ton of Abdominal Exercises

The thinking behind this…tone up your abdominal muscles so you burn fat around the abs and your six-pack will show. This is why it won’t work. It’s impossible to target certain areas of your body to lose fat. By doing a lot of ab work, you’ll develop the six pack muscles…but it will be shrouded by the layer of fat. Basically, there are two factors in determining whether you have six pack abs.

  1. Body Fat %
  2. Muscle Tone

Abdominal exercises will develop your muscle tone, but won’t lower your body fat%. In fact, decreasing body fat% is THE number one way to get six-pack abs. As a general rule of thumb, if you can get under 10%, your six-pack will show.

How Do You Properly Reduce Your Body Fat% to Let That Sexy Six-Pack Physique Show Through – Attack Stubborn Visceral Body Fat

You see it time and time again…those treadmill buffs who will  jog at a light pace to 5, 6, even 10 miles at a time and they’re still flabby around the side. That’s because this sort of exercise won’t attack #1 type of fat stuck at people’s midsection – stubborn visceral fat. This is the kind of fat that doesn’t come off with just simple exercise. In order to attack this sort of fat, you need to spike your heart rate during your training sessions – High Intensity Exercises. This one breakthrough I had on my journey to sculpt my body was what ended my tiresome hours on the treadmill. Instead, I switched it out with high-intensity exercises and the stubborn fat around my mid-section literally started to melt off!

How Did Visceral Fat Even Get There in the First Place?

Six-Pack Abs Through Muay ThaiA simple answer…eating too many of the wrong foods at the wrong time. Specifically, eating too much sugar, gluten-containing foods, and processed junk. This stuff has the propensity to screw up your metabolism, spike insulin, and cause inflammation in your organs (which also invariably prevents your abs from showing through). First things first, eliminate this stuff from your diet and move towards consuming healthy amounts of healthy fats (omega-3, coconut oil, macadamia nut oils, etc) Next, stop consuming gluten will de-rail your goal to get that coveted six-pack tremendously! There’s so much controversy around this that I won’t argue the case. A lot of times, that puffy look is caused by inflammation, which is directly related to gluten consumption. Instead of trying to convince you, I invite you to just TRY IT OUT for a couple weeks, and just see how it leans out the fat around your six-pack. (Gluten containing foods – beer, any sort of breads, batter on deep-fried foods, anything containing wheat) If it doesn’t work, you can always go back to pounding down gluten.

Muay Thai Training for Those six-pack Abs

Why is Muay Thai training the #1 workout to let those abs show? Here are some of the major reasons.

  • High-Intensity Type Training to target stubborn visceral fat around the mid-section
  • Every movement engages the six-pack muscles (abdominals) heavily to tone up the body
  • The obliques (those ripped lines near the ribs on fitness models) are toned through the rotation of the body
  • Cardiovascular Push which spikes metabolism for well after your done training to rip away at visceral fat and let that six-pack show!
  • It’s actually fun and challenging so you’ll keep doing it! Have a blast while getting ripped!

Not to say that running on the treadmill for hours at a time isn’t challenging…it’s just boring and ineffective towards achieving a six-pack. Here is a simple (but challenging) regimen you can work through to get those six-pack abs faster and have fun doing it! What you’ll need is a punching bag and a set of gloves.

Muay Thai Six-Pack Workout (total time: 15 minutes)

  • Continuous Jab Cross Combo on the bag (200)
  • 1 minute rest – Bicycle crunches (sit-ups where you bring one elbow to the opposite side knee)
  • Kicks on the bag (30 on each side)
  • 1 minute rest – Crunches
  • Skip Knees (50) on the bag OR Continuous Jab Cross Combo (200)
  • 1 minute rest – Plank

Why this Muay Thai work out works is because the strikes are thrown with high-intensity, spiking your metabolism to new levels. Simultaneously, the core is engaged with every Muay Thai strike. During the rest ‘periods’ you are continuing toning up the muscles of the abdominals. Try this workout for several weeks in addition to the diet changes and you’ll notice not just the six pack abs but those obliques along the rib cage start to show. If you have any questions about Muay Thai can help you get that six-pack, feel free to leave a comment and I’ll get back to you on how you can get those lean, ‘fighter’ like abdominals!

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