How To Learn Muay Thai 3x Faster and Kick More Ass in Life With Yoga

My Desk Job Was Putting The Parts of My Body To Sleep…and made it Frustrating to Learn Muay Thai
Martial Arts West Grove Avondale Kennett SquareI can remember going to Muay Thai after a stressful 9 hour work day. I spent the entire day, typing away at my computer,  stuffed into my corporate attire. For 9 hours, feet and toes were strangled by the strong arm of my dress shoes.

Having to sit all day in tight and uncomfortable clothing, I’d got to training with my body crimp, tensed…head and body disconnected…not your idea of an aspiring martial artist.

Compared to others in class, I was the ‘slow kid’. I came up for reasons in my head… ‘I was un-athletic,  slow, and just not good at sports’…which at the end of the day are just limiting opinions of myself that masked the truth.


It Took a Very Patient Instructor To Correct All of My Bad Habits of Movement

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It wasn’t until I trained with my instructor in Thailand, that I discovered a strength in my own body that I never knew was there.  He systematically corrected all of the bad habits I had acquired through my years of training, and unlocked a potential in me that I would have never discovered on my own.






Power in the Human Body Comes from Integrating the Movement of The Whole Bodyself-defense kennett square avondale hockessin

But what controls the ability of the human body to generate it? From being a personal trainer in the past, I learned that power is neuromuscular…meaning the amount of it generated is based on 1) the strength of the muscles and 2) the neural connections through the body.

SO to create power in the body, you need nerves, active nerves firing off for movement. And the more neural connections, the more powerful the move. That’s essentially what practice does, albeit power lifting or Muay Thai or whatever.

But what if…there were movements of the body, like rotating the hip or gripping the floor with the toes, so underutilized, that we literally don’t even know we could move in that way?  How could we possibly train something explosive that integrates the whole body like Muay Thai if we are so unaware and unempowered in that area ?


Yoga can help Regain Awareness to Functions of Movement which Have ‘Gone to Sleep’ From Not Being Used

During My Yoga class, my instructor moved me through various positions, which forced me to focus on particular joints of the body, the hips, the spine, the shoulders, slowly and in a controlled manner…I started to feel the positioning of them on my body, the weight of them, as I relaxed into the positions.

By slowing the body and mind down and taking time to consciously move our awareness through the joints of our body,  yoga can help to develop a deeper connection to your body, adding explosive, integrated strength and power in Muay Thai.

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