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Muay Thai Saved My Life…

….Now, I Want To Help You 

Muay Thai Fitness - Kennett Square

I remember being in the best shape of my life in college because I always had time for physical activity.

Then Life Happened. After college, I landed a job.

Well, the money was great,  but I spent my day always sitting at a desk or in a meeting.


I wasn’t passionate about my job and knew I let myself get fat and out of shape – physically and mentally. 

 Muay Thai Transforms Bodies and Minds

TMuay Thai Fighting - Kennett Squarehat’s when I decided…

If I was going to reverse my own downfall, I needed to make a big change.

That’s when Muay Thai came into my life.   


Get Back To Loving the Way You Look and Feel

I found a local Muay Thai gym online, and nervous to give it a try

My Muay Thai Instructor - Kru Eric Karner


My fears of getting beaten up or hazed at my first class didn’t come true.

Instead I was introduced to a healthy obsession, a great instructor – Kru Eric Karner (left) – and friend who I deeply respect to this very day.

Muay Thai changed my life and remains the foundation for staying strong and feeling great. And Now I want to Share That With You. 


Your Journey into Self-Empowerment 

Kennett Square - Muay Thai Fitness

The process of training really leaned me out and made me healthier and stronger physically and emotionally….

…in ways I would have never imagined.

The strength I gained made me more productive at work and a better husband.

 Our Program was designed to make you Stronger, Leaner, and More Focused…

….While Teaching You Self-Defense Skills You Need

muay thai Kickboxing - Kennett Square


I’ve had the honor to learn from some of the best Muay Thai trainers from across the world…and now I want to share everything I’ve learned with You. 




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