Karate Kid… or a Man of Muay Thai?

Growing up as a child, I remember watching martial arts movies like ‘The Karate Kid’ and ‘Ninja Turtles’. I remember seeing people dressed up in Karate uniforms and actually believed that hitting black belt status would validate me as a real martial artist, bad ass kid, and force to be reckoned with on the playground.

I was the Delusional Karate Kid..Don’t Let That Be You!Karate Muay Thai Kennett Square

Well looking back, I shake my head in embarrassment in how disillusioned I was about what it really meant to practice martial arts. As a competitive fighter, instructor, and practitioner of Muay Thai Kickboxing for the past eight years, I look back on when I used to practice Karate and realize that all of those rituals, katas, and uniforms were holding me back from the result I wanted – to be really physically fit, lean, and highly skilled in defending myself and those I loved.

Karate is Only for the Dojo

You see, in Karate, there’s a huge focus on traditional forms and choreographed moves which look flashy but just don’t translate over to what actual works in real self-defense.  The whole process of breaking wood boards,  collecting belts, and memorizing forms to get through belt tests does not make someone proficient in self-defense, I’m sorry to say. Don’t get me wrong, if you’re in it for the art, that’s great..but don’t expect any benefits from Karate training outside of the Dojo.

For me, I didn’t make these realization after actually practicing in both Muay Thai and Karate for several years.  When training Muay Thai, I literally can feel the power coursing through my own body with each strike. I can actually feel how it would translate into real world self-defense skill. Instead of Karate belts that I wore proudly only inside of the dojo for a couple hours a week, through Muay Thai I could feel the transformation and strength in my body wherever I was in my life.

Mastery in Martial Arts Comes from the Training – Not the Color of Your Belt
Karate vs Muay Thai Kennett SquareMuay Thai is simple – 4 basic weapons from the fist, elbow, knee, and shin ….  sharpened and honed like a knife …over time for precision, speed, and accuracy. Through simple but intense training methods, you develop an instinct for fighting. Unlike Karate, which only trains students techniques to defend the body and not your head, Muay Thai focuses on defense of the whole body. Every strike is thrown with every ounce of your body making it a brutally effective striking and self-defense system.…and in the process of training, you become leaner, stronger than you ever thought possible.

Instead of colored Karate belts you wear a couple hours a week, your progress in Muay Thai will shine wherever you go through the focused look on your face, the fitness in your body, and composure of your mind.

Martial Arts For People Looking for Some Real Life-Changing ResultsMuay Thai and Karate - Kennett Square

If you’re looking for a serious martial art that will not only develop serious self-defense skills but also get you more ripped, lean, and physically fit than you’ve ever imagined that was possible for yourself, I invite you to check out Muay Thai – the most effective striking martial art in the world that combat fighters at the highest levels of performance around the world are training it. They’ve made the move to a system that works…shouldn’t you?

If you’re in the Kennett Square area, I invite you to come check out Mastermind Muay Thai. Enter your information below, and I’ll set up your first free consultation and class where I teach you some of the most effective strikes in the ring and on the street so you can decide for yourself what martial art is really right for you.

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