Got a Bully Problem? Muay Thai Training can Help!

While bullying in society is an on-going problem, getting your child into Muay Thai Training at an early age can help with making sure he or she isn’t the one being bullied. 

Bullying is a huge social problem. Victims are taken advantage of, bystandersMuay Thai Training - Bullying watch, and bullies reinforce these roles and behaviors among an entire social group. When a victim fails to take action and nothing is done to stop the negative treatment, both the bully and the victim are reinforced in their roles. Humans are creatures of habit. As bullies repeatedly take advantage of a victim, the unconscious patterns of habit within the human nervous system are being rewired. When the bully sees the victim, he feels compelled to abuse his victim. When the victim sees the bully, he naturally goes into a state of fear. Fear, anxiety, self-doubt are states of mind within the body just as much as faith, confidence, and self-esteem. These feelings are actually our conditioned responses, programmed from our past. Thus, if we want to turn things around and change the role of victim and bully to a relationship of mutual respect, we need to begin shifting our feelings towards these challenges from fear to faith, from doubt to confidence. But how do we do this with so much momentum pulling in the negative direction.


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 Muay Thai Training helps to build the physical confidence to empower children at an early age to ensure they aren’t targets for bullying.

That’s where Muay Thai Training can really benefit victims by increasing their confidence, physical abilities to defend themselves, and self-esteem. Under the right instruction, Muay Thai Training provides an avenue for consistently increasing social and physical confidence.  Muay Thai can be used to reinforce that sense of power we have over ourselves, self-control. Through Muay Thai, even smaller people can find they are capable of wielding tremendous power in their body and can be a pathway to finding their confidence. 

In conjunction with supportive friends and family, and positive self- talk and media, we can radically transform our self-confidence, and ultimately solve not just bullying but conquer self-doubt and take on bigger challenges in life. Confidence is everything in dealing with bullies as a child, pushy salesmen, and all the challenging bosses of the world. Confidence is the single most important character trait for success in any endeavor, bar none.

A Good Muay Thai Training Program enrolls children into the physical environment of confrontation in a controlled setting so they can role-play such situations before they actually happen.

Ultimately, whether you’ve trained to that mastery level or intermediate level practitioner, Martial Arts and Muay Thai training will definitely help your chances of walking away from a physical fight unharmed. Needless to say, there are more skills acquired from Muay Thai training than just the physical techniques, which are invaluable to stopping bullying completely.

Knowing that you have a strategy to defend yourself creates an ‘aura’ around you that people sense. People can sense it in comparison to those who have absolutely no self-defense, martial arts, or Muay Thai training whatsoever. As you train, your reality in this ‘self-defense’ and ‘combat’ realm grows and people around you can feel it, even though it isn’t verbalized. Those who have it get left alone. Those who don’t, get bullied. Bullies usually don’t just randomly choose a person to pick on..they find someone weak in some aspect and uses it to exert their power and control. Through martial arts and Muay Thai training, you create a ‘reality’, an aura that most bullies won’t push up against because there are easier targets.

Muay Thai Training makes individuals sensitive and acute to social signals indicating danger and potentially violent situations.

Muay Thai, just like other martial arts, if taught by a trained instructor teaches students how to evaluate situations involving physical violence, prepare their eyes, their balance, and reaction time to respond quickly to events. This in turn leads to a social acuity…a sensitivity to what is going on and what to do about it. Martial Arts and Muay Thai Training creates more realistic expectations and context around what to do in dangerous situations. “Should I fight back?” “ Should I get away?” “Who should I tell?” and the ‘why’ behind it are all questions that training will help you answer quickly as a bullying situation unravels.

Most schools have this ‘zero tolerance’ policy for bullying, yet we all know that kids will be kids. There are only so many teachers and many more kids. With papers to grade, not in the site of the bullying, it’s difficult for teacher’s to necessarily capture these kind of power dynamics at play among the children. Through Martial Arts and/or Muay Thai training, we can empower ourselves to take confident action in these situations.

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Muay Thai Training teaches us boundaries; internal boundaries which we won’t let other’s cross. Through execution and techniques of self-defense, we develop a sense of how to protect ourselves from the attacks of others.

This is why it is so addictive to those of us who have been bullied or victimized…it’s a way to reclaim territory in our own mind. Instead of letting a bully run all over us mentally and physically, it draws clear distinct boundaries in our head. i.e – “If he pushes me, I’ll let it go, but if he _____________, that’s where I draw the line” Muay Thai Training focuses the mind and strengthens the body

The high-intensity nature of Muay Thai training, leaves the body feeling relieved of stress, anxiety and worry, creating a release from the stress of having to deal with bullying of any sort. Bullying over time can become a source of chronic emotional stress and without a physical release will create a negative loop and reinforcement of this stress, which leads to unhealthy, unfocused thinking about how to deal with the source of the problem. By continuously releasing these tensions through pushing your body to the edge, releasing endorphins, dopamine, and serotonin naturally, we can put our stress levels in balance, and actually respond to stressful situations (i.e – bullying) more intelligently.

Starting at an early age can prevent bullying problems during those crazy teen years as well as set the course and direction of a child’s life into adulthood. Muay Thai Training sharpens the body, mind, and confidence not just for the moment, for for years to come. 

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