Looking for Muay Thai Gloves for Kids? The RDX Youth’s are Probably Right for You


Choosing the right Muay Thai Gloves for your children are critical for ensuring that training is safe, fun, and sustainable. These gloves don’t just look great. They will protect your child’s wrist, so you won’t have to worry about broken bones.

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RDX Junior 6 oz Gloves – Muay Thai Gloves for Kids Age 4 to 12

When training with little children, the most important piece of equipment to ensure their safety is a set of quality Muay Thai gloves. I recently purchased a couple of new Muay Thai gloves for my students, ages 8 and 10.  Before using these gloves, I started out teaching them the basic punches using my hands in place of mitts. This works for most adults because it implicitly focuses the adult on form over power. By using my hands, most students know not to try to kill my hand, and automatically loosen up more, allowing them to learn the form faster and easier.

For kids, this was a huge problem. For one, I was nervous that kids throwing Muay Thai strikes using their pre-pubescent bone structure  would result in some nasty injury. Although I was using my hands to brace the impact, their hands were so small that the knuckles wouldn’t brace but hit flush against the palm of my hand! They winced in pain. (But luckily no injuries!) Time to invest in a set of Muay Thai gloves for my students.

When securing the hands for punching and striking, the three area’s to be concerned for are 1) padding for the knuckles 2) enforcing the wrist from bending and 3) securing the thumb from bending. I needed to find a solution which would protect these three areas of my young student’s hands. A quality set of Muay Thai gloves along with properly wrapped hands should take care of this.

Looking online for a solution, I decided to give these Muay Thai gloves a try, the RDX 6oz Youth’s. I had never heard of this brand before, typically sticking to my usual Thai brands, Fairtex, Windy, and Twins. Unfortunately, I couldn’t find any of the above brands in children’s form. They were all sized for an adult hand.

These RDX youth gloves are much smaller than the traditional adult sized gloves. Most Muay Thai gloves for adults range anywhere between 12 oz to 16 oz. These are a bite-sized 6 oz, perfect for a child’s hands.

Additionally, they didn’t look too shabby  compared to some of the other youth Muay Thai gloves that I had found online but were a bit pricier. (You’re looking at around $25 for a pair of these. I guess it’s not bad, but for youth Muay Thai gloves, it’s pretty damn expensive).

In any case, each of them have an easy Velcro brace around the wrist. The knuckles are well padded to protect them from any forces that could cause fractures or breaks against a harder pad. Also, the thumb is specifically designed for a youth sized hand. (I never realized how small kids hands were until I saw both of theirs. There was no way they were fitting in a regular sized glove.) All in all, I combined these with wrapping their hands with youth sized hand wraps and their pains went away. We were able to get through the training session with no complaints of pain, just a lot of heavy training, punching, and de-energized kids, which at the end of the day, is great for both teacher’s and instructors =).

RDX 6 oz Youth Muay Thai Gloves – Specifications

  • Rex Leather and high density Gel latex padding designed for kid’s hands
  • Incorporating extra-strength Velcro closure & attached thumb for added safety
  • Ventilated palm with quick drying lining, gloves look and perform like Pro gloves.

Review: 10 / 10 Pricier but these Muay Thai Gloves are worth the price for the safety of the kids. A child hurting themselves on your equipment in front of their parents while you’re training them? This is the last thing you want.  You can get them on Amazon and if you have Amazon Prime, they will ship it to you within two days. Check it out on AmazonInvest in protecting their hands with a quality set of Muay Thai gloves and it will go along way for your child students.

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