More Than Just Boxing – Learn To Deliver Knockout Power With More Than Just Your Fists

Few sports match the physical and mental intensity of boxing.  Training just a couple rounds inside of the ring, and you’ll know it’s a lot harder than boxers make it look.  It’s no wonder men and women look to boxing for getting their body’s ripped and learning how to fight.

Learn to String Together Deadly Combinations with Muay Thai – ‘The Art of 8 Limbs’ Boxing Muay Thai Kennett Square

I started out training boxing before I discovered Muay Thai Kickboxing. Training Muay Thai taught me not only how to deliver heavy punches like boxing, but also how to deliver knockout power with my elbows, knees, and shins.  And through all of the high-intensity training, it took my strength, cardio, and fitness levels to another level while expanding my boxing arsenal with an entirely new set of striking techniques.

High Intensity Boxing and Kickboxing Training To Prepare You Physically Like A Fighter

Muay Thai and Boxing -Kennett-SquareThe name of the game in Muay Thai is speed and power. Deliver really fast powerful strikes by generating massive amounts of force through the body, making it an ultra-intense training session. Perfect for those who are looking to push their edge, get in amazing shape, and learn how to fight in the process. In Muay Thai training, you’ll be striking pads and bags just like in boxing, but this time, artfully putting together combinations with your fists, elbows, knees, and kicks.



Kennett Square – Come in For Your FREE Consultation and Training and Experience Muay Thai For YourselfMuay Thai and Boxing - Kennett Square

8 years ago when I first started Muay Thai, I can remember that same feeling from the first time I was introduced to boxing. After work, it provided me a way to relieve stress, get back into my body, get the body I wanted, and learn how to fight and protect myself and those I cared about.

If you’re in the Kennett Square Area, you want to see and feel the vigor and strength in your body, start training your boxing and fighting skills, whether you’re new or you’ve trained some striking sport like boxing before, I invite you to come try out Muay Thai. Enter your information below, and I’ll set up your first free consultation and class where I teach you some of the most effective strikes in the boxing ring and on the street.

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