Muay Thai – Creating ‘Body Flow’ in Combat


How Muay Thai Fighters Create That ‘Naturalness’ in Their Movements

Muay Thai - Martial Arts Chadds Ford Hockessin Glen MillsDon’t let their size fool you….

Muay Thai fighters are strong….Really Strong…Most fighters barely tip the scale of 120 lbs…yet their ability to generate force through their body…is literally super human.

I can remember having the privilege of clinching with a Rajadamnern Stadium champion…(one of two major Muay Thai stadiums in Thailand….if you fight here…you’ve made it in the world of Muay Thai)

Weighing in at 120 lbs., I towered over him, with an extra 30 lbs of American muscle baby.

Yeah right…I was nervous out of my mind…I can remember being thrown to the ground…getting man-handled….thrown around at will…with a couple knees, he so elegantly missed my head with…just to show me who was really in control.

The Power in Muay Thai comes from the sequencing of movements throughout the body….from the feet up…into the torso (hips and shoulders)…working perfectly together.

Looking back…I technically should have been able to throw that 120 lbs fighter at will….but because he knew how to use his body….and I didn’t…he diffused my weight and strength advantage.

Learning to use the hips and shoulders for Muay Thai

True…you’ve heard me say…that the power starts in the feet…..but that power is transmitted through the weight of the body….primarily through the torso.

The way Muay Thai fighters generate power….is through learning to fully rotate all four corners of the torso….the shoulders and hips..into full rotation…seamlessly…from move to move….from footwork…into punches…punches into knees….knees into kicks…etc..


Key Takeaways

  • Slow Training allows you to fine tune your movements much better than fast training
  • For every movement in Muay Thai, there is some degree of rotation in the hips and shoulders
  • The key is to be aware of the right rotation to maximize force, and minimize effort to generate massive power


See y’all in class!

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