Muay Thai Kickboxing has a 2nd..More Effective Jab…called the Front Teep

Muay Thai Kickboxing 101 – The Front Teep

Muay Thai Kickboxing - Kennett Square Chadds Ford Hockessin 2It’s not going to kill anyone…but it could save your a** =)

The Muay Thai Lead Teep is a powerful strike used to keep your opponent at bay. It’s one that frustrates so many people…like myself for the longest time..because the mechanics seem awkward. In this video…I demystify the lead teep so that it makes perfect sense.


Muay Thai Kickboxing 101 – The Lower Body Mechanics of the Lead Teep


Muay Thai Kickboxing 101 – The Upper Body Mechanics of the Lead Teep

Key Takeaways

  • The lead teep is thrown from a defensive stance..meaning instead of your normal stance..where your weight is distributed to the front…start from the weight shifted heavy on the back foot.
  • Like all strikes…it’s a whole body movement…meaning both the shoulders and hips are important for generating power and balance
  • The rear hand comes up to the centerline to protect any straight attacks coming at your head
  • It’s a two step kick…lift the lead leg to chamber..then push the hips out to kick.

Common Mistakes

  • Throwing the teep without shifting the weight to the back foot
  • Not turning the lead leg in when throwing the takes power off the kick…and makes it a ton more easy to catch
  • Not bringing the rear hand up to block the centerline
  • Last but not least…..I see this most often…using the quads to ‘push’…instead of pushing the hips out


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