Muay Thai Kickboxing: This is NOT Your Average Kickboxing Workout

Muay Thai Kickboxing has been known for decades to be the most effective and powerful striking martial art in the world among fighters. The martial art has finally made it’s way into the fitness kickboxing arena as the go-to style for losing weight and staying in shape.

When deciding upon an aerobic or anaerobic workout for efficient and effective fat loss and lean muscle building, nothing compares to aMuay Thai Kickboxing - High Intensity Interval Training Muay Thai Kickboxing workout.  In the martial arts and fitness world, kickboxing has taken off as the next phenomenon, being offered in more and more fitness centers.  Why? Because it’s fun, exciting, and it works! Researchers have measured that it’s possible to burn up to 1,000 calories in an hour with Muay Thai Kickboxing. (Granted you are being instructed by a the right kickboxing instructor and not some amateur) Why is this so? Let’s take a look at what makes kickboxing, and in particular Muay Thai, so beneficial in keeping your body in peak condition.

1. High Intensity Interval Training – Kickboxing done the right way is a high intensity work out. Much of the aerobic kickboxing that you see out there is misleading in their claims of burning 800 – 1,000 calories in an hour. In order to get this benefit, you need to be pushing your heart rate beyond the aerobic phase into the anaerobic. In the steady state of aerobic strain on the cardiovascular system alone, it’s near impossible to hit a 1,000 calorie burn for the average sized person. (130 – 250 lbs.) This is why I tout Muay Thai Kickboxing. If you’re conditioning your body or getting in shape with Muay Thai kickboxing, there’s no getting around throwing your entire body into every strike for a full body, high intensity workout that will get your body moving, your heart pumping, and your metabolism shooting through the roof….which means you’ll melt fat off your face, arms, thighs, buttocks, and abs, FAST!

If you’re pressed on time, bored of the treadmill, dreading the gym, High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) type exercise like Muay Thai Kickboxing may be right for you.

2. Builds Lean Metabolically Active Muscle – Unlike other workouts that kind of push you to your limit, Muay Thai techniques pushes all your bodies muscles to the limit. This is the nature of Muay Thai – intense, fast paced, and always engaging. The muscles of the body are taxed beyond their current levels, so that they are broken down, and repaired to lean, strong muscles which are metabolically active, and allow you to burn more fat and calories even while you’re not working out a.k.a. the afterburn effect. Something you won’t get from your typical kickboxing routine.

3. Kick Boring Workouts to the Curb! – There’s nothing more engaging, more fun, and more stress-relieving than a Muay Thai Kickboxing workout. Punch, Knee, Kick and Elbow and before you know it, an hour is gone! I’ve had many a kickboxing client who have proclaimed they have no idea where the hour went. Get to a Muay Thai Kickboxing Class and give it a try! You’ll learn some awesome self-defense techniques, lose fat , and have a load of fun!

To learn more about the benefits of HIIT Style Workouts (High Intensity Interval Training) over ‘normal’ workouts, check out this infographic below which sums it up. Muay Thai Kickboxing has hit the scenes all across the world and has finally caught on in the US. Check out your local Muay Thai or Martial Arts gym nowadays and try out a Kickboxing Class today.

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