Simple Tips to Maximize the Power Behind Your Muay Thai Kick

One of the First Things a Muay Thai Practitioner Learns is the Basic Kick. Let’s Revisit the Fundamentals to See if We Can Crank Out Some More Juice!Muay Thai Kick - Increase Power - Martial Arts

The Muay Thai kick is one of the most powerful strikes in the martial arts world. It’s wound up, utilizing the entire weight of the body to rotate the shin into the target. If you’re reading this, chances are you already know how to throw the Muay Thai Kick. These tips below are not meant to add any new crazy tricks or tactics, rather a refresher as to what motions are generating power and how we can squeeze every last drop of juice out of it.


Juice Up Your Muay Thai Kick Tip #1: Power and Balance of the Kick start at the Feet!

Muay Thai Kick - Ball of the FeetWhen performing the Muay Thai Kick, all of your weight is balanced on the balls of one foot. This is the front of the feet, right underneath the toes. We throw the kick, lifting up on the balls of the feet. After lifting up onto the balls of the feet, we rotate the hips and shoulders into the target, resulting in a kick, driven by the full weight of the body. Key Point here is that the power and balance of the entire weight of the kick rests on the foot. The position of the foot which has  a tendency to unconsciously lift off the ground during the kick is right underneath the big toe. This is exactly where we should be digging into the ground with our feet to generate both a knockout kick and a balanced body.

Tip: Drive through the kick, making sure the part of the foot underneath the big toe is driving into the ground the whole way through the kick. Practice it until it becomes an unconscious competence

Juice Up Your Muay Thai Kick Tip #2: Get the Weight of The Hips into the Kick by Elevating the HipsMuay Thai Kick - Extend the Leg

Another way to look at this is making sure you extend the supporting leg up throughout the kick. The knee joint should almost near hyper-extend to get the full upward power of the Muay Thai Kick and optimize rotation of the body. This is easier said than done, but by bringing it to light, you can start to take the power of your Muay Thai kick to the next level by focusing on this one mechanic during training. It’s going to require that you not just increase the strength in your upper legs. Often times, the bottleneck is in the calves and ankle muscles.

Tip: Extend out the supporting leg to the point where the knee is fully extended (commonly referred to as elevating the hips). Again, make this a focus in training on the bag until you become unconsciously competence.

Juice Up Your Muay Thai Kick Tip #3: Rotate the shoulder until it touches your face

Muay Thai Kick - Shoulder to FaceThis one sounds kind of odd, but it will really add some power on those kicks because your turning both hips and shoulders into the kick. Also, by rotating the shoulders all the way until it touches your face, it creates natural defense by putting up your shoulder to block any incoming attacks.

Tip: When throwing the Muay Thai kick, the shoulders rotate in rhythm with the hips, creating power from the upper body. Rotate the shoulders until it touches your face to maximize the power from the upper body.

I hope this tips help. The Muay Thai kick is in my opinion is one of the beautiful techniques of the art. Try out these simple tips and leave a comment, letting me know what you think. If you noticed, I picked these photo’s deliberately which show each of these ‘tips’ at work to generate power during the Muay Thai Kick. I discovered these little bits of information from my own training and you can shave years off your kick training with them.




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