Two Minute Muay Thai Video Series: Episode 1

How to easily get the answer to all of your Muay Thai training questions in 2 minutes or less… Start making progress and stop wasting training hours in the gym


The Journey That Lead Me To Discover the Secrets of Muay Thai

I can totally remember the first time I started training Muay Thai. It was so foreign to me and at the same time it was just so damn interesting. I can remember my first breakthrough when I learned how to throw the Muay Thai Kick. Even though looking back it was pretty sub-par, to even know that I was capable of creating that much power was incredible…and then…I was instantly hooked.

If you train harder and longer …you’re supposed to get better at Muay Thai….right?!

Two Minute Muay Thai Episode 1I always knew, growing up on watching Rocky movies and Jean Claude Van Damme, martial arts and combat sports required a lot of tough and painful training sessions. A lot of this influenced me to instill super intense training sessions and I’d try to push myself harder than anyone else around me. The logic was…if I train harder, I’ll get better faster than everyone else.

Well….training harder and longer doesn’t always produce results.. Here’s Why

Well, this sort of thinking went on for 3-4 years and I didn’t really get much better with this approach. On my off hours away from the gym, I’d practice on my own at home to ‘get better’. The fact was that, even though my heart and energy was in it, I didn’t have the knowledge to be training myself.

 Getting better requires having the right knowledge and training strategies

I even made several trips back and forth to Thailand. On one of my trips back, I met an old instructor who would later become my coach and mentor, my own Mr. Miyagi. We spent hours and hours drilling the same motions in slow methodical fashion until I understood each movement, and the simplicity of Muay Thai on a deep level. It was amazing! I literally went back and was able to train myself to continuously get faster, more powerful, and more balanced. He didn’t just teach me Muay Thai, he taught me how to train myself in Muay Thai. Week after week, as I continued to practice what he taught me….just when I thought I had it figured out…I’d have another breakthrough and have to revise and sharpen my model of the game. It’s become a long life obsession! I don’t know when it’s going to come to an end….maybe and probably growth and progress never will!

 Take the next step in your training – Tap into centuries of Muay Thai secrets passed down so you can accelerate you Muay Thai Skills Now

And now, I’d like to share what I’ve learned with you. I know how it feels to be frustrated. And the very best way to do that is to start with where you are at. So I created this video channel so we can interact – provide me with your training challenges and questions by posting a question in the comment box to this blog and I’ll respond by posting a short 2 minute video that will give you step-by-step instructions in how to overcome your challenge. This is the whole premise of my video series ‘Two Minute Muay Thai’.

Here is my invitation to you to share your challenges so we can get started on helping you to reach the highest version of yourself and stop wasting training hours in the gym on training methods that aren’t working for you. Just follow the instructions below and you’ll be on your way to progress and success!


Step 1 – Write any question or challenge you are currently facing in your Muay Thai Training

Step 2 – Sign up for my newsletter to be notified when I post up the answer to your solution. I’ll post up the solution within a few days.

Step 3 – Start training and achieve the progress you deserve from your hours in the gym



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