You Think You Know Martial Arts? You…Don’t…Know…Martial Arts…

The Illusion of Believing We Know the Truth about Martial Arts (and Life)Martial Arts and Muay Thai Roadblocks

Most people in the States fail to realize the intricacy of Martial Arts. Learning the arts is just like any other subject….it might be easy to pick-up…extremely hard to master. When learning Muay Thai or any martial art for that matter, there always needs to be  a sense of uncertainty in what you’ve learned, no matter what level you are at.

The Only Real Way To Achieve Mastery in Martial Arts and in Life is to Question Your Beliefs! Don’t get stuck in the Matrix!

Myself personally, as I look at my own journey into martial arts for the past 8 years, I’ve seen myself scrap and re-model my understanding each year. The more I questioned, the more I learned, and the more I had to train, re-train, and sharpen the same basic techniques.

It’s when I felt smug and self-satisfied when the learning stopped. I know exactly what you’re thinking. You’re probably saying to yourself “ Tony, that ain’t me man…I’m as humble as they come…I look at things objectively”. Let me tell you…that sort of thinking is the very stuff that keeps you from progressing.

In Martial Arts, especially Muay Thai Where there ain’t Official ‘Belt Rankings’, You Need to Keep Re-visiting What You Think You Already Know in Order to Grow

I’ve literally over the years had to scrap my entire model over and over again as I gained new knowledge of the art. And this is not a knock on my teachers and instructors in the past, but’s a testament to the limitations of communication and our senses to really grasp the deeper meaning of instruction beyond what we’re ready to here.

When the time is right, as you train your martial arts, new insights will start to pop into your head. This only happens if you’re willing to question what you already know and change up your entire model of the martial art.

Being Truthful is One of the Hardest Things for a Human To Do. I’ll Cough That One Up There Right Next to Childbirth!

TMartial Arts Requires Thinkinghink about it, if you’d learned to drive your car with your feet, getting into accidents and what not, is the solution to become a better driver with your feet? Or is it take a step back and start learning to use your hands to drive? Yet, it’s damn hard to do that when you’ve invested time, money, sweat into ‘your method’. It’s a blow to the ego which is part of the journey to mastery.

I know this happened to me big time when I actually went to Thailand to train and it’s still happening to me today. And yet, if you think about it, that is life….that is the difference between successful people and people who try as hard as successful people and get no where. Stay humble, don’t be afraid to question what you know and remodel your knowledge. What you know helped you get to where you are today…and it’s blocking you from moving forward in martial arts and in life.

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